A Different End Of The Internet

This webpage is the end of the internet although it is different. It contains only broken links, which makes it a great test page for broken link checkers.

This page has 12 internal broken links and 12 external broken links. The broken links are based on normal compontents (javascript, css, images) and give normal errors as found on billions of webpages on the internet. 12 links are hidden (javascript, css, css-background-image) and 12 links are visible below (images, links).

Let the mess begin

  1. [Broken Image]
  2. [Broken Image]
  3. [Broken Image]
  4. [Broken Image]
  5. [Broken Image]
  6. Broken Link
  7. Broken Link
  8. Broken Link
  9. Broken Link
  10. Broken Link
  11. Broken Link
  12. Broken Link